Saturday, February 11, 2017

Excel Filters Now Retained During Ad Hoc Analysis - SV

A new feature added to the latest version of Oracle Smart View for Office released in January of 2017

Excel Filters Now Retained During Ad Hoc Analysis!

Let's take a look to see how it works..

Our favorite, Sample Basic.

Let's say we now want to know all of the Product(s) that made a Profit in the 4th Quarter for a particular region, in this case, Wisconsin.

With this version you can now add your Excel data filters to your Ad-hoc grid and the retrieve will honor the filter.

Filter added to Qtr4->Profit data greater than 0. (Column E)

So far, connect, Ad-hoc and retrieve as usual.
Now let's see if the filter is indeed honored with an Ad-hoc in tandem.

Ad-hoc -> Zoom Out -> Wisconsin.
That should Zoom Out to Central, which it does. But in addition, the filter added prior to return those products that made a Profit in Qtr4 is still intact!

Just to make sure, let's remove the filter.

With the filter removed, we can see the products that didn’t make a Profit in Qtr4 for the Central region.

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