Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lowest Supported OAC Smart View Version

I was very excited to start to working with OAC .. Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase the other day!

In a prior blog post here I mentioned that the documentation had been updated in with a section called -> 'Smart View and Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase'.

I was wondering what was the minimum version of Smart View that could be used (supported) for OAC. In doing research on a slightly different topic I happened to find out the answer. That answer is OAC is supported per the documentation on an earlier version of Smart View for Office, that being

Good to know that is the lowest version of Smart View that Oracle supports for OAC.

Have a great weekend!

New Features

Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting Ready For Kscope17


According to my countdown app or the Kscope17 app, as of today we are only 15 days, 12 hours, 39 minutes and a handful of seconds away. Or rounding up to the day, only 16 days away! Or rounded down, 15! :)

In preparation, required documents have been loaded to the site. My slides, are approximately ~77.7% done to date plus or minus a few percent ;)

Not sure I am going to have a ton of time, but excited to get deeper into OAC - Essbase Cloud Service!

I already connected and was able to connect via Smart View and 'Install'ed the Cube Designer Extension!

There is now a static fixed Ribbon that always shows when Excel opens. I have submitted an Enhancement Request to make a slight edit to this feature and turn this into a contextual ribbon, similar to the other products (Essbase, HFM, Planning, OBIEE, etc.).

This is what the actual Cube Designer ribbon itself contains

And of course, @GaryCrisci created The Beverage Company (TBC) application everyone knows and loves, Sample Basic!

Also had to add the ASOSamp to the mix and there they are below.

More to come. I have visions of OAC and posts to follow this summer and beyond!

See you in San Antonio! @Kscope17