Friday, August 18, 2017

Smart View Release

Ah, yes, another version of Smart View for Office released ..

I tweeted about it the other day.. the zip file here that downloads from OTN is nice enough to tell you which version you are downloading

but unfortunately after the unzip the installer still leaves you unsure as it is still the SmartView.exe

Well, onto other news.

The documentation for this version can be found here ->

And let's see what new features there are

  • Change the Solve Order of Members in a Calculation
  • Calculation Trace
  • Audit Trail

Well then, all new features for OAC! Guess I know what this guy with a broken foot recovering from surgery and still not able to walk is going to be spending time doing this weekend ;)

.. a song starts playing in my head .. Are you down with OAC .. yeah you know me... might have dated myself. ENJOY!

More posts to come about this version, OAC and the Cube Designer!!
And maybe even a little DV and more

Friday, August 4, 2017

Kscope17 Gary Interviews Gary About "The SV++ Utility Ribbon"

I still enjoy being able to look back at how much Kscope each year has to offer!

This year I was asked to be interviewed at the Social Media Lounge by none other then Oracle ACE Gary Crisci, ODTUG Board Treasurer. And at the time of the interview I was not, but while at Kscope17 in San Antonio I was honored to be accepted into the Oracle ACE program! I too also volunteer with ODTUG as the EPM Community Leader. Gary C. and I talk about the Smart View ribbon utility SV++.
  • Why the ribbon/toolbar came to be
  • Where did it start from
  • What are a few features, functions, etc.
  • How can you build your own?
  • Or just download a fully developed solution here

YouTube video