Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lowest Supported OAC Smart View Version

I was very excited to start to working with OAC .. Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase the other day!

In a prior blog post here I mentioned that the documentation had been updated in with a section called -> 'Smart View and Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase'.

I was wondering what was the minimum version of Smart View that could be used (supported) for OAC. In doing research on a slightly different topic I happened to find out the answer. That answer is OAC is supported per the documentation on an earlier version of Smart View for Office, that being

Good to know that is the lowest version of Smart View that Oracle supports for OAC.

Have a great weekend!

New Features

Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting Ready For Kscope17


According to my countdown app or the Kscope17 app, as of today we are only 15 days, 12 hours, 39 minutes and a handful of seconds away. Or rounding up to the day, only 16 days away! Or rounded down, 15! :)

In preparation, required documents have been loaded to the site. My slides, are approximately ~77.7% done to date plus or minus a few percent ;)

Not sure I am going to have a ton of time, but excited to get deeper into OAC - Essbase Cloud Service!

I already connected and was able to connect via Smart View and 'Install'ed the Cube Designer Extension!

There is now a static fixed Ribbon that always shows when Excel opens. I have submitted an Enhancement Request to make a slight edit to this feature and turn this into a contextual ribbon, similar to the other products (Essbase, HFM, Planning, OBIEE, etc.).

This is what the actual Cube Designer ribbon itself contains

And of course, @GaryCrisci created The Beverage Company (TBC) application everyone knows and loves, Sample Basic!

Also had to add the ASOSamp to the mix and there they are below.

More to come. I have visions of OAC and posts to follow this summer and beyond!

See you in San Antonio! @Kscope17

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Oracle EPM 11g Grace Periods for Error Correction (Doc ID 1590676.1)

Actions Index - Document 1590676.1

  • Hyperion Analytic Provider Services
  • Hyperion BI+ Financial Reporting
  • Hyperion BI+ Foundation Services
  • Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting
  • Hyperion BI+ Production Reporting
  • Hyperion BI+ Web Analysis
  • Hyperion BI+ Workspace
  • Hyperion Business Rules
  • Hyperion Calculation Manager
  • Hyperion Data Relationship Management
  • Hyperion Disclosure Management
  • Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect
  • Hyperion Essbase
  • Hyperion Essbase Administration Services
  • Hyperion Essbase Integration Services
  • Hyperion Essbase Studio
  • Hyperion Financial Close Management
  • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management
  • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (formerly FDM + ERPI Adaptor)
  • Hyperion Financial Management
  • Hyperion Installation Technology
  • Hyperion Performance Scorecard
  • Hyperion Planning
  • Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management
  • Hyperion Shared Services
  • Hyperion Strategic Finance
  • Oracle Crystal Ball
  • Oracle Essbase Analytics for HFM 
  • Oracle Financial Management Analytics
  • Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision
  • Oracle Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency II
  • Oracle Smart View for Office

Smart View coming soon per Bug 25908011

Smart View coming soon - Bug 25908011


Bug Attributes

Type B - Defect Fixed in Product Version
Severity 3 - Minimal Loss of Service Product Version
Status 80 - Development to QA/Fix Delivered Internal Platform 233 - Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)
Created 18-Apr-2017 Platform Version 2008 R2
Updated 25-Apr-2017 Base Bug N/A
Database Version N/A Affects Platforms Generic
Product Source Oracle Knowledge, Patches and Bugs related to this bug

Related Products

Line Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Family Enterprise Performance Management
Area Common Products Product 4407 - Oracle Smart View for Office

Hdr: 25908011 N/A OBIEE PRODID-4407 PORTID-233

*** 04/18/17 12:31 am ***
[Insert as Excel Table] with OBIEE Pivot or table view, which created from 
Japanese subjectarea name. 
When press the smart view [refresh] button, the following error occured.

"OBIEE:Analysis View definition has changed on the server. Please try Replace 
View option".  

But if use English subjectarea name create pivot is OK.
And If use [Insert] is OK.

Product Version:
OBIEE version: (also
Smart View version:
Excel 2010,2007

Reproduce steps:
1.Create a connection with Oracle BIEE using the following URL:

2.Using [Insert as Excel Table] insert the following pivot to Excel.
Shared folders/test/pivot/pivot1

3.Click [Refresh] button

Related Bug:
Bug 25770431
*** 04/18/17 12:31 am ***
*** 04/18/17 12:34 am ***
*** 04/18/17 07:18 pm ***
*** 04/18/17 08:24 pm *** (CHG: Sta->60)
*** 04/20/17 11:23 am *** 
*** 04/20/17 11:23 am *** (CHG: Sta->80)
*** 04/20/17 11:23 am ***
*** 04/24/17 07:23 pm *** 
*** 04/24/17 07:23 pm *** 

Smart View PSU

Interesting to me that there is another new version of Smart View available in such a short amount of time; 10-MAY-2017. Only a few bugs fixed in this release and no new features.

Patch 25886581: Patch Set Update: Oracle Smart View for Office

The next release was slated to be so wondering why this made it in between.

These are the bugs fixed:

Defects Fixed in This Patch - Patch 25886581

Defect Number | Defect Fixed

  • 25851994 | After upgrading Smart View, Financial Reporting reports now import correctly.
  • 25886581 | Oracle EPM Cloud. Smart View now supports single signon across Office applications for cloud products within the same domain.
  • 22835235 | In Smart View, when the Planning User Preferences Display Setting option, Indentation of Members on Page, is set to “Indent Level Zero Members Only,” hierarchy members in the form POV are now properly indented.
  • 24483712 | The Smart View add-in no longer causes Excel to terminate abnormally when closing.
  • 25655219 | On Windows Surface Pro, Smart View no longer stops responding when right-clicking in succession on members after several zoom in operations.
  • 25740683 | Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud. Excel and Word no longer randomly terminate when uploading or checking in a doclet.

From the list of the bugs fixed above in this PSU, I am going with Defects 24483712 & 25740683 being fixed being the main reason for this PSU.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SV ++ Has At Least a Few Fans

So, I wasn't sure how to take the email that I received late last week on Friday, it was a great email.

Let me share the heart of it

"... Your ribbon is fantastic by the way!
I was wondering whether this ribbon is available to purchase on a per seat license..."

The email made think, yes, that did just a little bit, to think ;)

Seriously, I was excited to know that the utility that I originally created so many years back at least had a few people out there, that (1) use it, and, (2) enjoy using it at that. That was the main reason and the purpose of WHY I created it. So that not only did I have a utility to use but that others could use it as well. I too was a Classic Add-In user and wanted to enhance the experience for any and all users, period.

When I first developed the ribbon, which was a toolbar by the way in MS Excel 2000, the Msg Box at that time stated, "This toolbar was developed with the end user in mind. The intention was to enhance the currently available Smartview functionality and ultimately the end user experience!"

Now you notice that back then I didn't know any better and spelled Smartview as 1 word, not 2. The proper way is Smart View and if you follow me on twitter @gadashek you will notice from time to time that I use the hash tag #LotsOfSmartView2Words

Back to the email. Yes, it was a very nice, flattering and humbling email to receive. I never would have thought that about 7 years ago I would develop something that someday someone would offer to pay me to buy on a per seat basis .. and a few hundred of them at that!

I did reply back to the sender after a few days. I let them know that as much as I enjoyed the email, the offer, etc.
The SV ++ utility is currently available to download for FREE.

It still is available to download here ->

So please, please .. please! Download the utility, use it and by all means, enjoy using it and I hope that it enahnces your Smart View experience!

Side note: The SV ++ utility still works on the latest version available in GA today! :)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Essbase Was Invented by Who? When?

With a filing date of April 5, 1990 - Google Patent listing

It appears that there were co-inventors: Wesley C. Sampson & Michael J. Olan

Take a look at a few of the images! Looks like a cube to me!

Let me clear with this post. In my mind there is a difference between who invented Essbase versus who founded/established Arbor Software Corporation.

The Arbor co-founders were Bob Earle and Jim Dorian in 1991. Their company shipped the first version of Essbase (or eSSbase) Online Analytical processing OLAP software. Their company became publicly held on the NASDAQ by 1995. In 1997, Arbor acquired Orlando, Florida-based Appsource. In 1998, Hyperion Software merged with Arbor and combined the company, and renamed it Hyperion Solutions. They sold products called Essbase, Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar. In 1999, Hyperion acquired Sapling Corporation, and added products called Hyperion Performance Scorecard and Hyperion Business Modeling. In 2000, Hyperion introduced 2 web based packaged products, Hyperion Planning (same name as today) and Hyperion Financial Management (same as today HFM) and also partnered with WebTrends Corporation along the way. In 2002, Hyperion introduced a new product called Hyperion Business Performance Management Suite. In 2003, Hyperion acquired Brio Technology (which started with DataPivot on the Apple Macintosh.. why has "Hyperion" not given love to the Mac community yet!), Data Prism as well as The Alcar Group. In 2005, Hyperion acquired Razza Solutions (today we call it DRM). In 2006, Hyperion acquired UpStream (today we call it FDMEE). In 2007, Hyperion acquired Decisioneering (Crystal Ball). And also in 2007, Oracle announced the agreement to acquire Hyperion for $3.3B.