Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring Fever .. OAC .. Major League Baseball

It is that time of year again --

when spring is upon us
the snow starts to melt
the birds chirp outside the window in the morning .. 
and the Major League Baseball season begins ⚾

As I am getting ready for presentations, I wanted to share a few neat visualizations .. a little bit of a sneak peak.

CAN'T WAIT for anyone who wants to attend to see the full finished product!

Custom Plugin CollapsibleTree

WITH DATA (#measure)

WITHOUT DATA (#measure)

This is still one of my favorite visualizations!

DimPlayer is my favorite combo visualization!

And now that the 2018 MLB season is underway, it is time to update the ALL_MLB_STATS Essbase cube with 2017 data :)

A nice night & weekend little project is about to get started!! Stay tuned

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Selected to Present at KScope18!

I am honored to be selected as a speaker-presenter x2 at KScope18!

This year it will be in Florida at Disney World!   

According to the ODTUG communication, there were more than 1,000 abstracts submitted!

These are the presentation titles and can't wait to attend!

Presentation Title (solo): Inside Out OAC Essbase & DV

hope you like the disney pixar theme

Presentation Title (co-presenting with Gary Crisci): Save "The Beverage Company"! -- How to impress people with Smart View in PowerPoint

And an Essbase classic or should i say a basic sample

Sunday, March 11, 2018

OAC - DV .. Plus BI via Smart View

OAC - Essbase & DV .. plus BI via Smart View

It was a few posts ago and I only mentioned it at the very end of this prior post

That if you want to see the Visualizations in Smart View you had to open the Classic Home...

How do you create .. a "classic" BI report/analysis

Well, you can find the Classic BI as it is the link on the lower left of the Data Visualization panel pane

"Open Classic Home..."

Once clicked, it should open a new browser window/tab.
And you are now in the "Classic" BI .. this is the same BI as it always was ..
go ahead and start to create analysis and dashboards, etc.

Only a small point to note, this BI does let you know that you are still in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), meh

For this example I created a simple analysis with a Pivot Table visualization-type
as of now there are only a few limited visualizations that are supported in Smart View, hope we see all of them some day soon ..

Once created, it is time to see it via Smart View.

Here again, it follows the same tried and true procedure of setting up a Smart View OBIEE connection.

using the syntax: 


Now that the connection is created, login

As I attempt to login, I am reminded of the painful question, why is the Connection type named, Oracle BI space EE???

Moving on, by expanding the folder where you have saved your analysis, etc. you can now bring that in via Smart View

I selected to see all objects on 1-slide .. I mean worksheet as I am in Excel.

And there you have it, OAC - Essbase/DV plus now a little bit of BI via Smart View.

Again, hope to see many many many more visualization types supported in Smart View soon!

Until next time, stay safe in the cloud.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

OAC - Essbase .. WRITEBACK via OAC - DV!!


Well, the day has finally arrived, Essbase Writeback in the cloud is real .. and a thing 😎🤓🤓😎

Let's get into the how-to and what it looks like.

But first, a BIG shout out to Gary Crisci for being able to battle the patch frontier and slay the OAC demons!

OAC - Essbase patched to version 109 .. skipped right over 108 to specifically Version - Build 126

Steps to success

  • Create an Essbase cube in OAC (thought that this step and a few others might be obvious ..)

  • Find the Custom Plug-In: Essbase Write-Back plugin by Oracle

  • Click Download to Download the zip file

  • Log into the OAC - DV/BI instance

  • Go to Console

  • On the panel, click Custom Plugins

  • Upload the saved Custom Plugin from the step above, drag and drop or click "Upload Custom Plugin" and select the zip file

  • On the panel, click Safe Domains

  • Click, "add domain"

  • Domain Name: enter * (wildcard)
  • Check all of the boxes: Image, Frame, Script, Font, Media, Connect

  • Sign Out of OAC DV/BI
  • Sign back into OAC DV/BI
  • Navigate to Data Sources / Create / Connection / Oracle Essbase (Beta)
>>> When does this Connection Type not say (Beta)! <<<

Connection Details:

*New Connection Name: "Your Essbase Server"

*DSN: IP or host:Port /essbase /agent
ex. http://my.IP.address:80/essbase/agent

*Username: <AdminUsername>

*Password: <AdminPassword>

*Authentication: Always use this credentials??

  • Click 'Save'

From the OAC - DV/BI Home

  • Click Create .. Data Set ..
  • Select the Newly created Connection
  • Select the Essbase Cube that is a part of that Connection that you want
  • Click 'Add'

You should see a notification "The Data Set was successfully saved."

  • Now go ahead and create a Project
  • Select the cube you added as a Data Source of the "Essbase Server" above
  • Create your visualization adding the dimensions .. ALL of the dimensions
  • Change the Visualization..

  • Select the "Essbase Writeback" Viz

Now your Viz looks more like a reporting grid 😀 .. go ahead and double click a data cell .. and enter/change data .. Click 'Submit'

In this case I changed Sample Basic
Budget Sales May 400-10 Wisconsin from 90 to 100

Nice to see the cell change color to the muted yellow similar to either Workspace or Smart View

You should now get an inline popup window that is asking to re-validate the credentials in order to accept the data change being submitted to the cube..

Target Database Detail:
Should all be the same credentials that were used above
ex. http://my.IP.address:80/essbase/agent
*Username: <AdminUsername>
*Password: <AdminPassword>

  • Click 'Fetch'
  • Click the dropdown arrow for Application and make your selection
  • Click the dropdown arrow for Database and make your selection
  • Click 'OK'

.. and your grid should "Refresh" .. wait for it

and now be updated with the new data value(s) saved in the cube!!!!

Coming soon .. a blog post about the latest version of

Cube Designer Version Build 126

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Smart View Release & More

Happy to see another version of the Smart View for Office Add-in release!

You can go and download the patch set update PSU 26783864 here

And the Readme as well.

Documentation: Oracle Smart View for Office Documentation Release

There are a number of New Features added in this release, very exciting!

Take a look at the list:

Based on the first update, and specifically about Smart Query, I am going to have to go back to the post that I have had pending as a draft for a long long time ..

But at the moment, what does this update look like?

This give you a better way to manage all queries, modify, rename, run, etc.

Cascade Members from Multiple Dimensions

When selecting multiple members for a single dimension in the POV, now when you decide to cascade the report, a new dialog box appears kindly asking not only about the 'multi-members' but also the additional dimensions!! :)

I would be careful with this option,
you can see from the info stat that the number of sheets going to be cascaded for this is 3

This slight modification is going to cascade 36!!

After I clicked okay, my Windows machine was going haywire to say the least. There was flashing, cursor jitter, scroll bar shaking, the Excel window was '(Not Responding)' and turned black. There is good news. The queries all finally finished running and the workbook updated all 36 new query sheets and added them to the workbook.

HsGetValue Accepts Additional Data Types

This was something that as I was using the Cube Designer found interesting. I could create the Smart Lists from the wizard/workbook, create and load them into the cube, but not be able to easily validate that the lists looked as desired.

[HsGetValue] - {syntax to be updated here}

New Essbase Option for Preserving Comments and Unknown Members

Unknown members and comments for OAC users.
Also note that this option is found in the Smart View / Options / Member Options tab (Not the Data Options tab)

Extension Update Process has been streamlined!!

Now when you go into Smart View / Options / Extensions a new dialog box
appears when you click the hyperlink "⚠️  Check for Updates, New Installs, and Uninstalls"

This is great! Now that I have established a connection I can use that or any other connections/locations to find updates. Select and click 'Get Updates'

In real time you will see the job running the check for updates, etc. the location used to check.
Once complete, you can close the window and see in the Extension list if there is indeed an update available.

Like these Smart View Extension updates:

Oracle Journals

OracleBI EE!

Smart Query

Detailed blog posts to follow!

Since it has been snowing now for a few days here where I live,
I think it is appropriate to say officially that #WinterIsHere!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

OAC Essbase & DV Hit Play

Have to say that I am really liking the OAC DV and the custom Plug-Ins that you can easily download and drag and drop the zip file!

I mentioned a few of them in my prior post with the Tree Viz and the Row Expander

This is another custom plug-in that is really fun to use, Dim Player

Again, a few
Easy Prep Steps:

  • Navigate using your favorite browser to ->
  • Click the 'Plug-ins' tab
  • Find the Plug-in that you are interested in adding to your set of visualizations
  • Download the Zip file

Here are a few tips to make sure that you are able to properly use this plug-in

You need to have a Dimension with the Dimension Type = Time (required)

Years dimension is shown with a clock 🕒

Start creating your Project, select your dataset(source), visualization.. add measure(s) etc.

Next you want to navigate on the left menu column and click the vertical bar icon for Visualizations.

Scroll to find your next viz to add, in this case DimPlayer, drag it onto your canvas

The magic of this plug-in is that it uses the Time tagged dimension as the Play Axis

In my MLB cube, I have the Years dimension, drag the desired Generation in as the PlayAxis

But we are not ready. We need to ensure a few more items.

Open the 'menu' of this newly added viz.

Click/check ' Use as Filter'

You also have the ability to change the speed of the refresh rate of the viz, just use the interval and key-in +/- the # of seconds you would prefer.

You are now ready to Just.Hit.Play

All of the MLB Homeruns hit over time in approx. 1min!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

OAC Data Viz & BI + New DBX v12.

It has not been that long since the Halloween  👻  💀  🎃  holiday season.
So let's have a little trick or treat spirit to this blog post shall we.

And in that spirit, we will only be getting tips and treats and less on the tricks. 🍬 🍭 🍫

Let's begin.

As per one of my prior posts, I was able to 'connect' OAC DV/BI to OAC -Essbase and the amazingly fun Major League Baseball cube (And Yes I owe a few of you a copy of the Oracle Cube Designer for Excel model)

🍬  Fun Fact: the format for these Workbooks is called DBX format (Structured Excel)

🍭  It is also worth mentioning that there is also a New version of the Cube Designer Extension available to download and install; Build 117

There are a few updates to note in this version:

  • Member Formula validation
  • Hierarchy Viewer Duplicate Member Outline Support
  • Transform Data enhancements

Moving on. OAC DV/BI

I will be using the MLB STATS cube that I created to share my examples.

I noticed that there are a number of Visualizations already available, nice, but there are also more Plug-ins that can be easily download/uploaded for your use as well.

Easy Prep Steps:

  1. Navigate using your favorite browser to ->
  2. Click the 'Plug-ins' tab
  3. Find the Plug-in that you are interested in adding to your set of visualizations
  4. Download the Zip file

🍫  Next Steps within OAC DV/BI:

Login ;) -> http://<your IP address>/va/?pageid=home

Click 'Console'

Click 'Custom Plugins'

Either 'Upload Custom Plugin' or drag-and-drop the downloaded zip file into OAC

Time to create your New Project and add one of these newly added Custom Plugins

One of the ones that I recently got feedback "That is REALLY cool!" was the use of the 'Collapsible TreeViz' Plugin.

This Plugin does NOT require a #Measure! Take a look.

This example was for the MLB World Series matchup between the Dodgers and the Astros.
Looks like the list of Teams aligned to the Active Franchises of the Dodgers is 9 and the Astros is 3.

This in my opinion IS REALLY COOL!
Wonder what it would look like against DRM?!?! I might need to create that as a Data Source.

Another Custom Plugin that I added was 'RowExpander'

There are times in DV that I want to see my data easily in an expandable Tree View (Hierarchy). My dataset is naturally 'built' that way in Essbase. And I want an easy way to navigate my dataset accordingly.

To simplify my example, I filtered the data to only include Players that Last Names begin with 'AA'.

Notice that there is a 'carrot-arrow' symbol '>' next to each row member that is available for expansion. This makes me feel a little nostalgic and creating HFR reports .. checking the checkbox to 'Allow Expansion'. Maybe it is just me and the good ole days of learning to use it, and, well .. since it has stood the test of time of it's look and feel of 1997 .. But I would like to have HFR available in OAC to create highly structured and formatted reports, books and even batches, that is, at least for Essbase, Planning, or other EPM datasources created in OAC. One can only hope, although, HFR is now only Web version supported and no more desktop client installer (HFR desktop client install, you were my nemesis! Hope you rode off into the sunset of product installers well my friend). I digress.

So, for me the Player above with 755 Career Homeruns is obvious. Do you know who this MLB Player is?

Another Fun Fact in closing this post.
In order to see my Viz/analysis via Smart View, I needed to create Reports using the Classic OBIEE  Designer.

Only then was I able to create a Smart View connection, see the repository and add these objects into Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word).

Until next time. Stay safe while using OAC. Your Alias Table(s) might not be  👻   😞   🙁  👻